The Easiest, Most Delicious 250 Paleo Recipes You’ll Ever Eat

Simple step-by-step instructions

Caveman Feast is all about delicious, easy to prepare, healthy Paleo meals. With over 250 recipes to choose from, each with a mouthwatering picture you’ll never be short of options.

Hassle free grocery shopping

Time is precious, with the Caveman Feast app you’ll spend less time preparing shopping lists and less time searching for items in the grocery store. Choose how many recipes servings you wish to make, add the ingredients to the shopping list and see your list sorted by aisle.

Track your calories and macros

Losing weight? Gaining muscle? Training for an event?

Enter your goal calories or use the included calculator and we’ll show you exactly how much a meal will contribute towards your goal.

Think Paleo means no desserts…

You haven’t met George’s sweetooth

Healthy but never dessert free, the Caveman Feast app includes over 70 Paleo desserts for guilt free indulgence.

You can literally do anything & everything

Everything you need is inside the CavemanFeast app

Search by ingredient

Tap in one or more ingredients and get a list of recommended recipes.

Switch recipe units

Prefer cups to grams? Switch easily from directly inside the recipe screen.

Device syncing

The app instantly syncs across all your devices.

Add notes to recipes

Save your recipe notes directly inside the app.

Share with friends

Share your shopping list with your better half or a recipe with a friend.

Create a meal plan

Easily plan your week of meals and create a shopping list.

Shop with Apple Watch

Our Apple Watch integration means that you can sync your shopping list and then leave your iPhone at home. Tick off items directly from your wrist

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